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About Me

I am a full stack developer concentrating in .Net MVC applications.


I have researched and used a variety of technologies that include .Net Core 5, .Net Desktop Applications, Nodejs, React, Mongodb, Expressjs, and Python. I believe a good UI/UX design can make or break an application and I work hard to give the user an experience that allows for comfort of use.


Coding Challenges

To be able to provide a full and satisfying user experience you must have a working knowledge of frontend design. An example of some languages used for this would be HTML5 CSS and JavaScript. Here are some basic applications using these languages and technologies.

Projects Projects Projects

It is easy to show something, it is more difficult to talk about how it works and how it was created.
I'd love to demo and discuss some of the above projects with you. Please contact me so we can discuss.

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